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Good PicDJ DOLLAS (Popular Detroit DJ)– “As a DJ, I hear a lot of  rap and hip hop music. Most of it all sounds the same, but not Robb Nickels. He is definitely resurrecting what it means to be a complete artist. These songs are FIRE!”

Q Heffner (Event Host/Promoter)– “Now this is the kind of hip hop and rap you buy if you want that lyrical flow, but still like today’s sound. Everybody knows that the 90’s was the best era in Hip Hop. A lot of “Old Heads” still want that type of flavor. Robb Nickels knows how to blend the old with the new, but stays true to the lyrical element of MCing. Cold Blooded!”

Brian B-Love Horn (Program Director Internet Radio)– “I’m a Internet Radio Program Director so I get all types of submissions on a weekly basis. This week I received Robb Nickels: The Get Money Project. All I can say is WOW! This guy is Dope!”

When it comes to using hip hop as a means of expression, creativity, and versatility you would be hard pressed to find an MC better at doing that than this one. Introducing to some, reacquainting with others, I give you Hip Hop’s Most Complete Artist Robb Nickels. When it comes to switching up the style to give you everything you want from ultra banging Hip Hop flow schemes, hardcore street reality, some laid back R&B style rhythms, to the hottest trap music, Robb Nickels embraces every opportunity to provide you with an awesome listening experience. Quite honestly, if you still enjoy listening to Hip Hop Legends like Rakim, Nas, LL Cool J, Big Daddy Kane, Kool G Rap, Redman, but you also like to turn up with the modern styles of artists like Drake, Future, TI, Jeezy, even Kendrick Lamar then it is a must that you have Robb Nickels in your collection.

His lyrics are well thought out. Every track is doused with clever metaphors, comparisons, and lyrical content, making every song he creates extremely solid entries into the world of Hip Hop and rap music. You’ll find yourself pleasantly surprised to hear his range of style. This is the kind of music that true Hip Hop and Rap Music fans crave.

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